Abortion Moves to the States

Abortion Moves to the States

Over 5 decades ago, the Supreme Court took the decision-making process away from elected representatives and instead legislated from the bench on the issue of abortion in America. The roll of the Supreme Court is to interpret the laws of the land, not create them via ruling.

The overturning of the Roe decision will allow locally elected officials to legislate the issue of abortion and represent the will of the people.

In Illinois, late term abortions are allowed regardless of medical necessity, tax dollars are spent paying for abortions, and minors can undergo the complex medical procedure without even telling their parents.  Now Democrats are pushing for even more expansion of abortions even going so far as to request that nurses be authorized to complete the procedures.  While I respect the hard work and dedication our nurses in Illinois have towards persons in their care, I do not believe that a procedure as invasive and dangerous as an abortion should be performed without the education and knowledge of a doctor’s presence.  I also believe if reasoned lawmakers like me do not have a seat at the table, more extreme policies pushed by the liberal lawmakers will be put on the books.

Instead of calling a special session to pass unnecessary and unpopular abortion expansion, our leaders should focus on giving parents a voice in raising their children, fighting rising prices, helping our struggling economy, and lowering prices at the pump and grocery store.

I am running for State Senate in Illinois to fix the problems where our government gets it wrong, not double down on unpopular decisions for the sake of being woke.