Actions Speak Louder Than Words

Actions Speak Louder Than Words: What the current IL Dems do versus what they say. 

The current IL Democrat party keep telling us our children and school safety are a priority.  In 2019, the IL General Assembly passed the Firearm Restraining Order Act designed to temporarily limit access to guns and ammunition when people pose a significant threat to themselves and others.  Sounds good, right?  The problem is the law rolled out without any funding for implementation and training.  That is equivalent to saying your plan for retirement is to not put any money into your 401k account.  Fast forward 3 years to Senate Bill 818, the graphic sex education law for grades K-12.  It passed without a single Republican vote, and it was allocated millions for the rollout.   Schools and parents have been asking for action from the threat of gun violence and are answered with a sex ed bill no one wants or asked for.  In fact, the curriculum has been rejected by a majority of school districts all across the state and parents will soon be opting their children out of the program because it is entirely inappropriate.  The result: our children are less safe in school – from guns and from graphic, inappropriate sex ed material.  In the meantime, we all wait for the next tragic event.   My opponent, Mary Edley Allen, was one of the state representatives that supported but did not fund the Firearm Restraining Order Act.  And the school district in my hometown of Grayslake, where she is a teacher, is adopting this sex education curriculum. At the end of the day, my opponent, will be more of what we don’t want or deserve in our elected leaders.  I will be a fresh, balanced independent voice Lake County deserves.