May 2022 - Trip to Washington

In May I went to Washington for two days where I joined other leaders in my personal industry for a global council meeting. It was great to be back live after two years of virtual meetings. While there, I took the time to really soak in our history and I left feeling proud of our country and hopeful for Illinois.

First of the year 2022 - Start it out right!


Dianna, my wife, and I took a quick trip out to Vegas to start the year. It was much needed R&R. While there, we got to tour of the new Raiders Stadium. It is innovation at it's finest and their locker room was inspiring for us. It reminded us of the weight of what we were about to head into with this election. All the division surrounding big topics and the corruption in Illinois politics. People ask why I want to do it. Because it's the "next right thing to do"...our family manta. When my wife saw the sign she immediately wanted a photo together. Commitment to Excellence...for us, for our community and for Lake County as a whole. Let's do this together. Let's bring common sense back to our area. Elect me, Adam Solano, for our Illinois Senate seat in District 31, Tuesday November 8th.


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