Free Life Insurance Reality in Avon Township

Free Life Insurance Reality for Working Families in Avon Township

The best of local government and private business coming together


I am not waiting to be elected to take the next step in my long-standing commitment to bring new opportunities to families in our community. One of the key pillars in my “Plan for Lake County” is Inclusive Opportunities for everyone.

I have been working closely with Avon Township to make an innovative public-private partnership a reality. Effective immediately, Avon will now offer a free life insurance policy as part of their Essential Services Program. I have often said: “Just because your financial circumstances are difficult doesn’t mean you have to die without life insurance.  In fact, it is really Love Insurance.” 

Working parents in good health between the ages of 19-42 and making between $10k- $40K annually are eligible to apply. For everyone selected and approved, an insurance company will issue a $50,000 term life insurance policy for 10 years. If the insured parent or legal guardian dies during the policy term, $50,000 will be put in a trust to pay the educational expenses of his or her eligible children. I am so excited about this public-private partnership starting up right here in our community and am looking forward to bringing this type of innovation to all communities in northern Lake County.  It is well past time we move past broken politics and begin to put people first again.