Inclusive Opportunities

"Let's Build Ladders of Economic Prosperity for Everyone in Lake County" - Adam Solano

Bring the Best of Local Government & Private Business Together

As a small-business owner who has dedicated my career to helping people make smart choices with their money, I know that we can work together to improve the lives of our people. We can break the cycle of living paycheck to paycheck.  Many of our towns and communities have business networking groups that regularly meet in order to share ideas, improve sales, and increase productivity. I think there is a place at these tables for local governments that could leverage small business creativity and resources to improve the lives of people in need from within. For example, I lead an effort to bring LifeBridge to Avon Township. LifeBridge offers free life insurance to working families in need and it is now a part of Avon Township's "Essential Services" program. Where many hardworking families could not afford to put a covering over their families should anything happen to them, they now can. Connect with Michelle Bauman or Issac Martinez at: 847-546-1446 for more information. This is a perfect example of how we can creatively meet the needs of our people without adding more financial burden to our homes.

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Rein in Out-of-Control Taxes

Every dollar grabbed by Illinois’ tax collectors is one less dollar we can spend on raising and shoring up our children, basic necessities, savings for college, home and neighborhood development, or retirement. Out of control Illinois tax spenders put hurdles in front of hard-working people and retirees.

Our community rejected my opponent's plan to increase income taxes in Illinois when she held office. If you feel like you work so hard to just barely make it each month, electing a person that wants to take more out of your check is not the answer. I do more with less, reduce wastefulness, budget, save and invest wisely. Our neighbors' hard-earned paychecks and savings are being stretched thin by out-of-control inflation. Basic grocery items have increased in price, reduced in size or in some cases are no longer available. Restaurants are still struggling and are either closed, have reduced menus, are working with a shortage of employees and meals are more expensive. Gas is still high. Prices of both new and used cars are out of the price range for many. Utilities have gone up. Inflation is at a 40-year high. All of these to name of few of our struggles. Stop putting the same people in office and expecting a different outcome.

Oppose Income Tax Increases - I oppose my opponent’s efforts to raise state income taxes on hard-working people in our community. My plan is to cut wasteful spending with the goals of real balanced budgets and eventually income tax cuts. 

No New Retirement Taxes -  Lake County should be the top place in the country to retire, yet my opponent supported a plan that would have allowed Illinois to tax retirement income. I strongly oppose taxing retirement income in Illinois. 

Control Property Taxes - Property taxes support vital local services such as schools and municipal governments, but the State imposes dozens of unfunded mandates on our local governments that drive up costs significantly. I will work to give more budgetary control to local governments in our community so that they can deliver property tax relief to homeowners (and renters) in our community.

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Learn More abou Adam's Efforts to Grow Economic Prosperity: