Republican-led States are Winning Economic Recovery from Covid

At some point in a well-diversified retirement portfolio, one part will over perform and outpower the other parts.  Conversely, one part will grossly underperform, and a rebalancing is in order.  Right now, a national rebalancing is taking place and the worst performing state economies are run by Democrats and the best performing states are run by Republicans.  And just like our retirement accounts, we favor the well-run profitable parts, and people and business are moving in droves to the better run parts of our country.  In Illinois, we desperately need to rebalance the political portfolio because sending another Democrat candidate like Mary Edly Allen to Springfield is adding to a losing Democrat strategy that we have all suffered from.  In fact, I was having coffee with a very progressive friend of mine that said, “the best places are run by both good democrats and good republicans”.  I agree and that’s why I’m running for State Senate in District 31.