Safe and Sustainable Communities

"Lake County Must Be The Best Place To Live in America" - Adam Solano

Lake County was always the best place in the world to build a high-quality life for as long as I can remember. Our strong tight-knit communities, our open lands, beautiful rivers and lakes, walk and riding trails, the strong small business community, and great schools make for an amazing place to live our best lives.

We still have all these assets, but we are not thriving right now because our state government is failing and unbalanced. The best governments are run by a balance of both good Democrats and Republicans. One party has had full power for too long and the result is that we are not being represented. Bills are getting passed in the wee hours of the night without full representation present that the people don't want and run with money we just don't have.  Now people talk about moving away and our children and grandchildren look elsewhere for opportunities.  

As your state senator, I will work tirelessly to repair our broken state government so that our community can live up to its immense potential. We have so much for which to be proud of here in Lake County so let’s make it happen!


Safer Community

Everything else we want to do fails if people do not feel safe and secure.  The recent efforts by legislators in Springfield has made our communities less safe and we are seeing rising crime in our state and also in our communities.  My opponent allied with her caucus to pass the so-called SAFE-T Act that demoralized our law enforcement professionals and emboldened criminals. I'll stand up for our community and will fight to ensure we are justified in feeling safe here in Lake County. 

Repeal the so-called SAFE-T Act - The SAFE-T Act caused significant harm to our community. Incredibly, this Act makes trespassing a non-arrestable offense, which obviously needs change. We also need to reinstate cash bail and empower police to pursue criminals in the act. If we don't change this victims will be victimized more and repeatedly. As well as putting our communities and officers in more danger.

Support Law Enforcement - We need to support our law enforcement professionals so that they are motivated to protect our communities and everyone's rights. It's critical we keep seasoned officers on the job and attract the next generation of law enforcement talent. Keep them safe as well as accountable.

Fund Red Flag Law - Illinois Legislature passed an Illinois Red Flag Law but never funded it. This law should allow for civil orders that would temporarily remove firearms from individuals who are a potential danger to themselves or others.  We need an honest government that doesn't just pass a law for headlines, but actually work to make our communities safer. 

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High-Quality Schools

End One-Size Fits All Mandates - I believe our local educators and school boards are better able to control our children's education than Springfield politicians.  Yet, we continually see professional politicians imposing their partisan preferences over the best interest of our children. 

More Parental InvolvementParents must have a say in what their children are learning and who is teaching them.

Info for parents to get Educated on. The New Sex Ed Standards can be read here of which most of the schools in Illinois have declined. Our Jr Highs and High Schools in Grayslake have picked it up. There is a summary of what is taught at each grade on page 18.

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Clean Water

We need to do a better job caring for our most precious natural resource.  Whether it be Lake Michigan or our inland lakes and streams, these water bodies are our source of drinking water and recreation and are critical for our natural ecosystem.  As your State Senator, I'll be a leading voice for clean water.

Toxic Algae Blooms in Inland Lakes - I keep hearing about the nuisance of toxic algae blooms in our local inland lakes.  I'll lead community efforts and work with the county and state to address these blooms.  

Protect Lake Michigan - My district includes Illinois Beach State Park, one of our state's most vulnerable environmental assets.  As your Senator, I'll ensure that we are protecting Lake Michigan from plastic pollutants and invasive species.  I'll also ensure adequate funding for Illinois Beach State Park in my district, one of our state's most vulnerable environmental assets.  I'll also work with community partners to advocate the removal of the nuclear waste that is stored at the old Exelon plant on the shores of Lake Michigan. 

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