Small Business Networking and Giving Back

Solano - Member, Moderator, Leader of local Small Business Network Group:

Grayslake Business Breakfast Group


There are many joys of being a small business owner and one of them for me is working with and befriending other small business owners.  As a member, leader and the groups moderator, the Grayslake Business Breakfast Group has had an impact on my professional and personal life.  This group, however, makes a point to give back to the community beyond our professional work.  Each year, around Thanksgiving and Christmas we donate to a local charity because we understand that owning a small business isn’t just about improving the bottom line, but about helping people in need.  If you were to visit with us one early Tuesday morning at Whitney’s Restaurant in downtown Grayslake, you would notice a used red Folger’s coffee can making its way around the room.  Like the offering plate passed during Sunday Mass, our Folger’s coffee can gets filled weekly with small offerings from our members that end up becoming a meaningful contribution to a local charity.  Raising money and serving others as a small business owner is quite rewarding and this experience certainly plays a motivating part to my running for Illinois State Senate.