Statement on Amendment 1 to the IL Constitution for Nov 8

I worked road construction to pay for my college education and I know firsthand the value of belonging to a union.  Local 76 Laborers union saved my life – literally – from dangerous work conditions.  This experience and the collective representation I came to understand extends into my adult life and career having served my professional colleagues as the president of our state and local professional trade associations.  I have witnessed in my profession how well meaning and right sounding legal changes turn out to be protections and windfalls for ‘the big guys’ and practically meaningless for the ‘little guys’.  Why would you want your property taxes to increase and burden small business even more so that unions can do more…unionizing?  Am I missing something?  Is this issue – among all the others – that much of a priority that it should be enshrined into our state’s constitution, ultimately adding to our taxes, and multiplying the regulatory burdens of local businesses still recovering from Covid lockdowns and preparing for recession?  This idea – like so many others coming out of the Illinois Democrat party – doesn’t serve our best interests, but their own.