Strong Economy

"Illinois must be friendly to small businesses, their workers and the trades" - Adam Solano

As a small business entrepreneur myself, I know that small businesses and the trades are the economic bedrock of the communities in our district. Sadly, Illinois politicians have neglected the important role of entrepreneurs and workers in our society.  A strong inclusive economy with full employment will be my top priority as your Senator in Springfield. 

Lower Taxes, Regulations, and Energy Costs

Out out-of-control state government too often treats small businesses as a private piggy bank. The state taxes, regulations, and broken workers-comp regime place an incredible burden on employers, which makes it harder to open and operate in Illinois.  We need to do better for entrepreneurs and make it easier for them to do business in our state and community.  

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Protect the Trades and Workers

Working road construction to pay my way through college, I experienced first-hand the importance of private sector unions.  I'll work to keep private unions strong because they help stabilize wages and employment for middle-class workers and provide financial security for their members that live in our community.

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Protect Property Rights and Lower Crime

Recent legislation passed by our State Government has placed a target on the back of small businesses in our community. Crime is devastating to small businesses and I'll work as your Senator to support law enforcement and give them the tools they need to protect small businesses from theft, fraud, and violence. 

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