The Rise of Toxic Algae Blooms

Adam Solano, Candidate for IL State Senate District 31 releases a statement about the environment and the rise of toxic algae blooms in Lake County

"Lake County is a beautiful place to live, start a business and raise a family - just like I did - and we have work to do to protect this beautiful area and make sure the land lakes and waterways remain open and clean.  A rise of toxic algae blooms has put our natural resources at risk.  Our area needs leadership to obtain state and federal grants so we can help communities like Third Lake, Gages Lake and Grayslake.  As your state senator, I will be a leading voice for Lake County to make sure our natural resources remain healthy, safe and clean."


More Information and Background -

My Senate District 31 is in the northeast corner of the state.  It borders Lake Michigan and Wisconsin, and the Des Plaines River runs thru it.  Many lakes, creeks and water ways make up its landscape along with some of the best Forest Preserves in the state, such as Independence Grove in Libertyville.  The district contains the popular Gurnee Mills Mall and is next to Six Flags Great America theme park which I enjoyed for years as a Father’s Day gift from my kids.  In short, you could watch the sun rise over Lake Michigan in the morning, shop ‘back to school’ sales at Gurnee Mills Mall for lunch and enjoy a scenic walk or bike ride along the Des Plaines River thru Independence Grove for dinner.